Paintball airsoft has given hordes of people a chance to play out their combat fantasies. If you have ever dreamed of hiding in the brush and stalking your human prey in Rambo type situations, then Airsoft may just be the game for you.Explanation Described on Things to do Boise

Airsoft players, much like paintball players, are broken into teams and then sent out into wooded terrain to try and eliminate the players on the other team or teams. The guns used in airsoft look and react surprisingly like real automatic weapons. The authentic look and feel of the guns can make for a superior role playing situation.

While the guns shoot small gel-like paint filled capsules in regular paintball play, in airsoft, the guns shoot small plastic BB like pellets that will harmlessly bounce off the individual. As in paintball team play, protective gear is required, especially for the eyes.

While the airsoft pellets may be harmless to the body, a direct hit to the eye by any flying object can be very dangerous and should be taken seriously. Eye protection worn when playing airsoft games or when you go paintballing should completely protect the eyes. The best protection while playing either sport would be to wear a full paintball mask, as it will protect the entire head as well as the area around the eyes.

While the game of paintball has grown substantially over the past few years, airsoft itself has gained in popularity too. These games are quite similar and if you aren’t familiar with them, then you might actually confuse the two. Although trekking through the woods, armed with rifles and other equipment can be found in regular paintball play, paintball airsoft also offers this type of combat role play.

Just as more and more organizations are associating teamwork and camaraderie with these great games, airsoft is being used by law enforcement agencies and military units to train new recruits. The use of airsoft in training provides a cost effective way to teach combat situations.

The low impact of the airsoft pellets makes it easy for training to be done in areas that would not be possible with live ammo rounds or even blanks. When airsoft is used in this situation, participants train in real-life conditions and environments, allowing them to improve their combat skills and to understand what combat is really like.